Product Documentation

The WBS add-on is an amazing addition to your work flow as it considerably improves the project planning speed and collaboration. 

With the use of a WBS tool, different teams in the project can be assigned different work pieces that they can then breakdown into Epics, Stories, Task, subtasks or even custom issue types. 

After the breakdown is done, you can simply synchronise with Jira to have all the tickets created on your Jira instance. 

Save time by creating templates with the basic project issues that you and your team usually start with. 


Manage many plans 

Manage multiple project plans with different teams 

See your WBS in tree or list view 

The tree or list view allow you to choose the format that you are most confutable with  while breaking down the work . 

Easily drag and drop, create, edit or delete nodes in the plan. 

Define, assign, estimate issues. Estimate with normal hours, story points or by PERT estimation



  1. Create new plans from existing template 

    Save a great deal of time by starting the project plan with a pre-defined set of work packages. 


5. Save any plan as a template, download your plan as an image that you can then present to your team, save versions