Product Documentation

The Hours Reports add-on is a great addition to your workflow as it helps you monitor and control your projects and daily activities.

The simple and beautiful interface allows for a simple and pleasurable daily use, without having to constantly click around to reach the information. 

This add-on is simple, beautiful, and focused to do one thing and do it very well.


  1. Beautiful and simple search interface

    Have easy access to the information that you need for your projects 

  2. Drill down to see more useful information about the totals 

    The easy to use interface allows you to find the information you are looking for very quickly


  1. Create bills for your customers as well as receipts for your employees by entering the resource's hourly rate and then downloading the calculated excel sheets

    Hours Reports provides 2 types of excel reports, Projects and Employees


  2. Security

    Allow only the right group of people to access the relevant information of the addon so that sensitive information can be kept safe