Aneto Project Accounting System

Take your project management to the next level with the Aneto Project Accounting System.

If you are a consultancy business or develop your own products, Aneto Project Accounting will help your business grow.

High level overview of your portfolio

Start from the top. Take a quick look to make sure that everything is ok with your projects using earned value management.

Quickly drill down to trouble areas and tackle them before they become a real problem for your projects.

Group your projects and retainers by companies

Compartmentalize your information. Group your projects and retainers by companies. This allows for managers to be focused of specific clients, projects or retainers.

Only people you specify can see company, project or retainer information.

Control your projects and teams

With earned value management you always have your KPIs and accounting up to date directly from your Jira tickets

Google sheet reports

Create Google sheet reports to better handle detailed data