Product Documentation

The regular work JIRA  add-on is a great addition to your workflow as it speeds up the planning and estimating process, making your team much more efficient. 

If you have common Epics, issues and sub tasks for your Scrum teams or BAU activities, then this add-on is going to save your company a great deal of time and money.

This add-on's purpose is to automate the creation of common Epics, issues and sub tasks.

This can be set for regular intervals of time such as start or end of sprints, or manually triggered.


  1. General view dashboard

    Know the health of your system at all times.

  2. Overview of automated regular work plans per project

    By selecting a project, you get a list of all the common plans associated with it along with the high level details of the plan


  3. Quickly create or edit a regular work plan using our great interface

    Our interface allows you to quickly create or edit regular work plans with ease, making the use of this add-on very enjoyable and easy to master.


  4. Execution options

    You have many choices for telling our add-on when to execute the plans and add the issues on your backlog. All issues can be configured to have various details including assignee, original estimates, story points among others. This saves uncountable time for your work teams and makes the JIRA usage experience much more enjoyable for the team members.


5. Execution Log

Know when your regular work plans are fired to make sure that the configuration you have chosen is the correct one.