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  1. General view dashboard

    Know the health of your system at all times.

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  2. Create sub-tasks templates that apply to parent types and


    Epics. Use these templates to add to multiple projects 

    You can create a list of automatic child issues that are created for the parent issues that you specify. You can then apply these lists to one or more projects. 

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  3. Add Conditions for child issues creation
    You can specify when the list of automated child issues gets created, by setting up conditions such as specific text contained on the summary or description or special values on components or labels.
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  4. Increased Security
    Determine who in your organisation can access the addon. This is great for large organisations that need to have better control of the automated child issue creation
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  5. Execution log

    Know when an automated sub-task execution is ran as well as the result. If there was any issue with the execution, this module will alert you on the details and some times give you the chance to re-run the execution.

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6. Assistance is always available

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Talk to one of our representatives at any time. We will help you setup your workflow or even help you with other Jira issues not related to our apps.